Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Winter

Yesterday was the 1st day of winter and was to be the end of the world. We must be still here because I'm writing this blog today. Now the days will be getting longer which will be nice. My husband wanted me to have a sign with name of my business on the road and on the mailbox. I will post a picture of the sign which turned out great. It helped to have the sign because on Monday I had a possible client come to the studio. She saw the Barn Quilt on the side of RV shed and then saw the sign just passed it. She said her GPS said she passed my house. It was great to meet Shari to talk about doing the machine quilting on her quilts that she designs and sells on her online business. The business is called Bear Creek Quilting Company in Salem OR. Last Sunday, we went to our neighbors Christmas Open House. One of my neighbors wants me to make a baby quilt for her 1st grandson. I would do the whole quilt which will be fun plus get paid for it. I'm working on the binding on my challenge quilt now. I got my photo stand and background last week. I will get it assembled so I can take a picture of the quilt. It will make it much easier to take pictures of quilts.

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