Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to Quilting at Mistletoe Hollow

I got my 18.8 Pfaff Grandquilter with the Quilt Artist in Jan and decided it would be fun to start a quilting business. My nursing career ended on a sour note but I believe that everything happens for a reason. It was time to move on and now I can enjoy retirement with quilting. I got a book called Professional Machine Quilting Revised(The Complete Guide to Running a Successful Quilting Business by Carol A Thelen. It has been very helpful in learning what to do to establish a quilting business. My goal is to enjoy quilting for myself and other people with the Quilt Artist. This business is to support my habit " Quilting". I have been leaning how to use the Quilt Artist(computerized quilting) and will go to the MQX West in Portland next month for several computerized classes. I found a roommate from Utah that has her own business. I hope to learn several things from her and other quilters at the show. I applied for my business license at the beginning of this month and got the license yesterday. I was so excited to get it. I have ordered business cards and labels too. I have my quilting studio set up and want to get a portable quilt stand/portable photo stand with backdrops to take pictures of the quilts.


  1. So excited for your new business and you! If I ever get Phill's done I am bringing it over for you to quilt!

  2. Yahoo!!! Awesome news!!! Just an FYI-Angela Walters has been doing a series of "tutorials" on setting up a quilting business too. You might want to check her site out for more information :-) And, if you are on the QuiltingBoard, you can add your blog address to your signature. That way, whenever you comment on someones photo or ? your blog address is there. You'll get a lot of visitors from that site!!!